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Meet BrittANY


a smiling baby being carried by an isr instructor who is smiling beside her with a sign board

Hi! My name is Brittany Angulo. I live in Palm Beach Gardens with my husband  
Dean and my son, Asher! I grew up in the Florida Keys and like most  
Floridians I have lived my life in and around the water enjoying watersports,  
diving, swimming, fishing and boating, so I absolutely LOVE teaching children  
to swim and survive in the water through ISR. My son went through the ISR  
program at 9 months old! Living in a state surrounded by water, ISR was top  
on my list of priorities for his safety, to me his skills are priceless, and  
I want every parent to have this same peace of mind.

I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Florida, I  
am a Certified ISR instructor, Certified Child Life Specialist, Child Passenger Safety Technician and helmet fitter and I have Basic Life Support and First Aid for healthcare  workers. I have dedicated my life to helping children and families live safe, happy and healthy lives.

Prior to becoming an ISR instructor I managed the child life department at Palm Beach Children's Hospital, and it was working in the PICU there that I was first introduced to ISR. Over the 10 years I spent at the hospital, I worked closely with countless children and families who had experienced both fatal and non- fatal drownings. It was my job to help them cope with this trauma, navigate their healthcare experience, provide grief support, and community resources.

There was not a single family I encountered who ever expected this could happen to their child, these were all good parents who had their child's best interests and safety as their top priority. Some of these children even "knew how to swim." But drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1-4, it does not discriminate based on parenting style, socioeconomic class, location, or season; and knowing how to swim and being able to survive in the water are very different skills. Now, as an ISR instructor I have the privilege of preventing drowning, I get to equip children with independent aquatic skills that become a foundation for a lifetime of safe enjoyment of the water. For me, teaching ISR swimming lessons is not a job, it is a calling. Creating confident, competent swimmers who love and respect the water is my passion! I can't wait to teach your kiddos to swim and float! Together we can keep working towards  the goal - Not One More Child Drowns!                                


Check out my social media and YouTube channel to see me in action. 


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