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about ISR

Founded in 1966 by Dr. Harvey Barnett, Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is now the global leader in the industry it pioneered: survival swimming lessons for infants and young children. Our team of nearly 700 highly trained ISR Instructors provides the safest and most effective infant survival swimming lessons available. The ISR Self-Rescue instruction our students receive today is the product of more than 50 years of research and achieves unparalleled results.

ISR believes that pool fences, supervision, and pool alarms are important parts of a necessary multi-layered approach to drowning prevention. However, traditional lines of defense break down, and the over 4,000 drowning deaths per year bear a grim testament to the fact that traditional approaches are missing a key component: the child. ISR’s core conviction is that the child is the most important part of a drowning prevention strategy and our over 300,000 ISR graduates and 800 documented survival stories are proof that children can save themselves.

Children are curious, capable, and have an uncanny ability to overcome obstacles like pool fences; at ISR we take that ability and teach them skills to potentially save themselves if they find themselves in the water alone.

ISR lessons are offered worldwide by certified ISR instructors. Water Baby ISR offers ISR lessons in Palm Beach County, FL. Lessons are taught by Certified ISR instructor Brittany Angulo.

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