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ISR swim instruction is for children 6 months to 6 years with all one-on-one instruction.  Infant survival swimming lessons are conducted 5 days a week (Monday through Friday), at a maximum of 10 minutes a day, for approximately 6-8 weeks (30 - 40 consecutive lessons).  Each child has their own lesson time daily. Since children learn at their own pace the 6-8 week time frame is an approximation.

skills programs

two smiling babies wearing both purple and blue swimsuit raising hands while they're in the pool

After completing their ISR Self-Rescue skillset, maintenance lessons help students to maintain their skills and confidence throughout the year. Ideally, maintenance lessons should be scheduled at intervals recommended by the instructor, ranging from once or twice a week to once a month.


Most students who remain in maintenance will not need refresher lessons unless they are learning a new skill - to swim (once walking) after they previously learned to rollback and float. 

a male baby wearing blue brief floating in the swimming pool
rollback to float

Infants to Early Walkers

The rollback to float program teaches your baby to independently turn themselves onto their back if ever face down in the water to safely breathe, rest, and float on their back until help arrives.  This skill set takes about 6 weeks to accomplish.

a male child swimming at the pool underwater with his eyes open
Swim -float -swim

Solid Walkers

The swim-float-swim program teaches your child to swim underwater until they need to breathe, roll to their back for a few breaths until rested, then swim starting the sequence again until they reach the pool steps, side of the pool, or the shoreline.  This skill set takes approximately  6-8 weeks to accomplish.

a smiling baby wearing yellow dress with dolphins spot prints floating in the swimming pool

Refresher lessons are suggested every six months - 1 year. As children grow, their skills will need to be adjusted to their new height and weight. Refreshers are highly recommended to refine their skills as they’ve most likely hit developmental milestones since the last time they’ve seen us. Since these skills are not new, refresher lessons such as in isr lessons are scheduled for two weeks.

* Note: Toddlers in the 13 - 20 month age range are often able to learn some swimming skills, along with their self rescue skills (rollback to float). However, swimming is not guaranteed for every child in this age range, nor is it the priority. As I begin working with them, I will assess each toddlers ability and development and likelihood to swim on an individual basis. The most important goal to have is getting your child skilled in survival. If your younger toddler is not quite ready for the entire swim - float - swim sequence, we can teach swim to float and /or we will revisit the swimming  skill when they are a bit older. 

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